French Clasp Barrette (1½”, 2½”, & 3½”)

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french clasp barrette

French Clasp Barrette (1½”, 2½”, & 3½”)


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A French clasp barrette is the perfect accessory! Available in a variety of sizes, you can find the perfect fit for any hair type. The French clasp features a tension bar, an arm and two prongs. This design makes for a very strong hold. Your hair is held between the arm and tension bar, and the two prongs keep the arm down until you undo the clasp, making this barrette great for all day hold! No matter the occasion, these barrettes will make your hair Sta-Rite.

Tortoise French clasp barrette, available in sizes 1½”, 2½” and 3½”.

We offer these in assorted colors.