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Reference: 4084
Assorted Bow Ponytail Holders - 6 Count per Card

Price: $0.99

Reference: 4073A
Assorted Animal Pony Oh's - 2 Pony Oh's per Card
Choose from:  Cows, Pigs, Lions, and Rabbits

Price: $0.99

Reference: 4074
Assorted Decorated Pony Oh's - 4 Pony Oh's per Card
Selection may include:  Cow, Lion, Pig, and Rabbit

List price: $1.89
ON SALE -- 25% OFF!!!
Price: $1.42

Reference: 408A, 408BK, 408CL, 408RD, 408WH
2mm Size Hair Elastics in a poly bag - 250 per bag
Colors: Assorted, Black, Clear, Red, and White

Price: $1.59

Reference: 4083
Assorted Flowered Ponytail Holders - 6 Count per Card

Price: $0.99

Combo Showing Lavender Vent Brush

Combo Showing Pink Thumb-grip Brush
Lavender, Pink & Purple (right side). Purple only available in Thumb-grip Brush

Reference: 158C
A Combination of Ponytails, Headband and Brush in complementary colors
Package includes:  
12 ponytail holders with grommet
1 Brush (either Vent or Thumb-grip Cushion Tip) Length: 6"-7" long
1 Stretch Two-Tone Headband

Note:  Purple Brush only available in Thumb-grip Brush

Price: $2.99

Reference: 4073
Assorted Ice Cream Pony Oh's - 2 Pony Oh's per Card

Price: $0.99

Reference: 4095-4095BK-4095WH
Large Pony Oh's - 4 in a package
Large (half dollar size-outside dimensions)
Colors: Assorted, Black, and White

Price: $1.99

Reference: 4200
Metal Free Ponytail Holders
Size - Regular
Colors available:  Assorted, Black, Beige, Brown, and White


Price: $1.99

Reference: 4200J
Metal Free Ponytail Holders in a Convenient Storage Container.  125 pieces of 4 1/2 cm diameter Regular Size Metal Free Ponytails.  Assorted Colors may include Red, White, Navy, Pink, Purple, Dark Green, Brown, Beige, and Black.  You may also choose to select all one color. 
Ideal for Back to School.

Price: $14.79