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Reference: 314
1-7/8" Dual Purpose Clips - 10 Silver Metal Clips per Card. Clips are designed to hold Rollers in place with ease. Clips can be inserted in Roller the total length of Clip.

Price: $1.69

Reference: 315
3-1/2" Duckbill Clips - 4 Steel Silver Clips per Card.

Price: $1.69


Reference: 306
2-1/2" Fas-Pik Clip for keeping Rollers in place - 30 Plastic Piks per Card. Ideal for Brush or Mesh Rollers

Price: $1.79

Reference: 5006
package of 12 heart hair barrettes

includes 3 of each color

Price: $1.99

Peacock Clips - Color Samples

Reference: 3410
This colorful Peacock Clip measures almost 4" long with a plastic clip attached to back of Peacock.
Colors available:  Magenta, Silver, Gold, and Teal

Price: $2.99

Single Prong Clips

Reference: 317
1-3/4" Single Prong Clips - 12 Metal Silver Clips per Card

Price: $1.69