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Reference: 242
7 Row, 8" Cushion Tip Brown Brush

Price: $1.59

179 - Color Sample

Reference: 179B
7 Row, 4 1/2" Cushion Tipped Purse'n Pocket Fold-in Brush.
Bulk product (no packaging)
Brush comes in assorted colors (colors could include red/green, red/yellow, red/red, red/blue, red/purple, red/burgundy, and red/black)

Price: $0.99


181 - Assorted Colors

Reference: 181B
7 1/4" Round Brush - Assorted Colors

Price: $0.49

Combo Showing Lavender Vent Brush

Combo Showing Pink Thumb-grip Brush
Lavender, Pink & Purple (right side). Purple only available in Thumb-grip Brush

Reference: 158C
A Combination of Ponytails, Headband and Brush in complementary colors
Package includes:  
12 ponytail holders with grommet
1 Brush (either Vent or Thumb-grip Cushion Tip) Length: 6"-7" long
1 Stretch Two-Tone Headband

Note:  Purple Brush only available in Thumb-grip Brush

Price: $2.99

J&D Hot Waves

J&D Hot Waves - No Handle
J&D Hot Waves

Reference: 135-136
Natural Boar Bristle Brushes by J & D
2 Designs: Men's Club & No Handle
Men's Club measures 7" x 2" - firm bristles
No Handle measures 4 3/4" x 2" - firm bristles
Each brush comes in poly bag with header card

Price: $1.59