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French Clasp Bow Barrette

French Clasp Bow Barrette

Reference: 932
A French Clasp Bow Barrette - measures 3 1/4" x 1 3/4" at widest point
Colors available:  Light blue, Medium Blue, Yellow, Pink, and Purple

Price: $1.59

Glitter Clips

Reference: 439
Tortoise Glitter Clips - 4 Clips per card

Price: $1.99


Reference: 934-936
Granite designed French Clasp Barrette in two styles - Oval and Rectangular
Each approximately 4" long by 1 1/2" wide (at widest area on oval)
Colors available:  Beige, Brick, and Gray

Price: $1.59

Reference: 5006
package of 12 heart hair barrettes

includes 3 of each color

Price: $1.99


Reference: 950
Bow Barrette with slide clasp
Colors available:  yellow, purple, dark blue, pink, light blue, red

2 barrettes per card

Price: $1.29

Reference: 470
Moving Eye Barrettes - 1 barrette per card

Price: $0.99

Peacock Clips - Color Samples

Reference: 3410
This colorful Peacock Clip measures almost 4" long with a plastic clip attached to back of Peacock.
Colors available:  Magenta, Silver, Gold, and Teal

Price: $2.99

Polka Dot Bow Barrettes

Polka Dot Bow Barrettes
Polka Dot Bow Barrettes

Reference: 3810BB
Polka Dot Bow Barrette measures 5 1/2" long and 4" wide at widest area.  These bows have a French clasp barrette to attach them in your hair.
Colors:  Pink, Red, Light Blue, Royal Blue, Black with White Dots, White with Black Dots

Price: $2.99

Reference: 933

plastic hair barrette with bobby pin backing
Colors available:  purple, white, pink, yellow
Approx. 1"

2 barrettes per card - 1 left opening & 1 right opening

Price: $0.99

Wire Back Barrettes

Reference: 432
Assorted Wire Back Barrettes - 10 Barrettes per card

Price: $1.69