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Fat Elastic Ponytail Holders with Metal Grommet (sold by piece)
Approximately 5 cm diameter
Colors available:  Black, Brown, Navy, Pink, Purple, Red, and White

Price: $0.10

Reference: 4073A
Assorted Animal Pony Oh's - 2 Pony Oh's per Card
Choose from:  Cows, Pigs, Lions, and Rabbits

Price: $0.99

Reference: 4074
Assorted Decorated Pony Oh's - 4 Pony Oh's per Card
Selection may include:  Cow, Lion, Pig, and Rabbit

Price: $1.89

Reference: 408A, 408BK, 408CL, 408RD, 408WH
2mm Size Hair Elastics in a poly bag - 250 per bag
Colors: Assorted, Black, Clear, Red, and White

Price: $1.59

Reference: 4083
Assorted Flowered Ponytail Holders - 6 Count per Card

Price: $0.99

Adult Caddy opened

Adult Caddy products
Caddy closed

Reference: Hair Accessory Caddy
A Selection of Pins, Sectioning Clips and Snap-eze Clips, Barrettes, Ponytail Holders, Stretch Headbands, and Combs with 1 Brush included in the caddy.

The plastic storage container has compartments to divide products.
The approximate box size 7" x 10" x 1 3/4" depth.
Ideal for Back to School!

Price: $31.96

Combo Showing Lavender Vent Brush

Combo Showing Pink Thumb-grip Brush
Lavender, Pink & Purple (right side). Purple only available in Thumb-grip Brush

Reference: 158C
A Combination of Ponytails, Headband and Brush in complementary colors
Package includes:  
12 ponytail holders with grommet
1 Brush (either Vent or Thumb-grip Cushion Tip) Length: 6"-7" long
1 Stretch Two-Tone Headband

Note:  Purple Brush only available in Thumb-grip Brush

Price: $2.99

Reference: 4073
Assorted Ice Cream Pony Oh's - 2 Pony Oh's per Card

Price: $0.99

Reference: 4095-4095BK-4095WH
Large Pony Oh's - 4 in a package
Large (half dollar size-outside dimensions)
Colors: Assorted, Black, and White

Price: $1.99

Reference: 4200
Metal Free Ponytail Holders
Size - Regular
Colors available:  Assorted, Black, Beige, Brown, and White


Price: $1.99